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Reading Reflection 2

Reading Reflection 2 - how to use the word When Milo was in...

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Mickey Green March 5, 2008 Reading Reflection #2 In the city of Dictionopolis, King Azaz’s great aunt, Faintly Macabre or the “Which,” is the character that chose which words the people of the kingdom would use. The townspeople would use these words for all different occasions. However, after time went by, she started to become scarce with the words because the townspeople were using more words than needed in a statement. She kept taking words away until there were no words left for people to speak or write with. King Azaz put the “Which” into prison because she was too much for the kingdom. Now the kingdom is in chaos because there are so many words to choose from and no one knows how to handle the situation. In my personal opinion, I believe that Dictionopolis was better off when the “Which” was in charge of the words. The “Which” controlled the words people could use. Now in the town of Dictionopolis there is no limit of words the townspeople may use. Words are everywhere in Dictionopolis and the townspeople do not know when to use a word or
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Unformatted text preview: how to use the word. When Milo was in the town market, he did not know all the words and only chose the words that seemed elegant to him. The “Which” was selective of the words and she knew how to use the words. If the “Which” was in charge when Milo was in Dictionopolis, he would have known to choose the words he knew. Since the “Which” has been in prison, the five royal advisors stroll the streets imposing their knowledge words. However, they use too many which many of the townspeople may find confusing and not an effective way to use them. If the “Which” was still in charge of the word selection in Dictionopolis, she would use her rules to shorten the word usage in the kingdom, so that everyone can use words that they might understand. The “Which” should still be in charge because people that do not know how to use words correctly, should not use the words at all....
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