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MATH 191, Sections 1 and 3 Calculus I Fall 2007 Pedantic Pedometers In class we spent a little bit of time playing with the Google pedometer application, located at This brief exercise asks you to return to that application and do a little more work with it. It’s an emergency! Your roommate has spent the past half hour shoving pennies up his nose and now a good many of them are stuck in his sinuses. (You might say he’s developed a sixth cents.) You’re entrusted with driving him from campus to the emergency room at Mission Hospital, located on Biltmore Avenue, south of downtown Asheville. (The best way to get there from campus is to take Edgewood from University Heights to Merrimon Avenue and just follow that southward; it becomes Biltmore.) 1. Use the Google pedometer application to trace your midnight ramble to the hospital, making sure
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Unformatted text preview: to turn on the elevation indicator provided by the application. 2. On a piece of paper, trace out the graph given by the elevation indicator for the route you followed. For the purpose of the next exercise, you’ll want your graph to be rather large (bigger than the graph appears on the screen, for instance!). Note : the more points you include in your route, the better the graph you’ll get in your elevation indicator. Try to include enough points to make your graph pretty smooth. 3. On top of the graph you drew in (2), sketch a graph of the velocity function . That is, the function you’re graphing now indicates the velocity at which you would be traveling at each given point on the path if you were to follow the path you’ve laid out above. (When are you traveling quickly? When are you traveling slowly?)...
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