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Sbarro - What University Square Needs By Team Awesome...

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Unformatted text preview: What University Square Needs! By: Team Awesome! Family Dollars Mission To Our Customers A compelling place to shop. . . by providing convenience and low prices For A Our Associates compelling place to work. . . by providing exceptional opportunities and rewards for achievement For A Our Investors compelling place to invest. . . by providing outstanding returns History of Family Dollar Leon Levine believed he could offer his customers a variety of high-quality, goodvalue merchandise for under $2. Opened first store in 1959 in Charlotte North Carolina; Leon was 22 years old. 1969 50th Store Opens 1970- Family starts offering common stock for $14.50 a share. History Cont. 1971 100th store opens 1979 Common stock starts trading on NYSE. 1989 1500th store opens 1992- Annual Sales Exceed $1 Billion 2004 Annual Sales Exceed $5 Billion Family Dollar now operates over 6400 stores! Common Questions How many stores does Family Dollar plan to Open this year? In this fiscal year ending August 30, 2008, Family Dollar plans to open about 300 new stores. Does What Family Dollar offer franchise? Dollar does not offer franchise. Family demographics does Family Dollar look for? Family Dollar serves low to middle income customers. We look for a minimum of 8,000 people in our trade area. Who To Contact Tim Lawrence Real Estate Manager MN; IA, WI and IL- north of I-70 & MO - North of I-70 (excluding Chicago, St. Louis & Kansas City metros) Family Dollar Stores, Inc. 232 1/2 Snelling Ave., #5 St.Paul, MN 55105 (651) 699-6594 Office (704) 844-1506 Fax (651) 245-1196 Digital Phone [email protected] Locations Mankato, 1.6 miles from campus St. Peter, 12 miles away New Ulm, 25 miles away Already lots of Food Options! It's a competitive location to put in another restaurant! Food at University Square Chipotle Cold Stone Creamery The Hub Starbucks (coming soon) Food at University Square Noodles and Company Jimmy Johns Jonny Beefcakes Size and Design The size of the building is 2651 square feet The size of the building is the appropriate size for a Family Dollar store There is not too much space, so no space will be wasted, therefore economical Size and Design The space is open so no there is not much need for getting rid of existing structures The renovation requires mostly shelving and some structuring for pictures and directions for finding items The layout will be fairly cheap due to the no need for expansion or removing of present structuring Size and Design Accessibility to the building is great Open access to the front and rear of the building is open, so bringing in materials for construction and set up will be easy The layout of the building is conveniently built for economic savings because of surrounding protection and attachment to other stores Size and Design The building is newly constructed so worries of old structuring and wiring is at ease Managing The Store Employee Roles Store Manager Assistant Store Manager Clerk Why would Family Dollar be interested? Q: How big is Family Dollar's trade area? Family Dollar's trade areas typically range from 1 to 10 miles. Perfect for near a college campus. Q: Does Family Dollar purchase or lease its stores? Family Dollar prefers to lease. The space is available for lease by University Square. Full Time Benefits Available Medical and Dental Insurance 401 (k) Retirement Plan Paid Holiday, Sick, and Vacation Days Prescription Drug Benefits Life and Disability Insurance Students as Employees Excellent growth potential Company is committed to promoting from within Hands on training programs Competitive pay Part time benefits Overhead Costs Smaller store means less inventory Smaller space means less rent Utility bills will be less PRODUCTS Family Dollar Products The BEST thing about having a Family Dollar in University Square is the fact that it will carry a wide range of products at a low affordable price. Family dollar will cater to all of wants and needs of the people in the area. GREAT LOW PRICES RELIABLE FOR MIDDLE LOW INCOME CONSUMERS DETAILS PRICE ALMOST EVERYTHING COSTS $1 90% OF PRODUCTS ARE UNDER $10 PAYMENT METHODS PAYMENTS CAN BE MADE IN THE FORM OF: CASH PERSONAL CHECKS PIN-BASED DEBIT CARDS EPT (FOOD STAMP) CARDS HEALTH AND BEAUTY AIDS PRODUCTS INCLUDE: SOAP SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER LOTION FACIAL & BODY WASH TOOTHPASTE & TOOTHBRUSHES MOUTHWASH HAIR SUPPLIES MAKE-UP SHAVING CRME ETC. BASICALLY EVERYTHING YOU'LL FIND IN WALMART BUT AT A LOWER, MORE AFFORDABLE PRICE AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTS CLEANING INCLUDE: PRODUCTS STEERING WHEEL COVERS SEAT COVERS OIL, ANTI-FREEZE, COOLANT JUMPER CABLES GAS CANS FUNNELS ETC. FOOD & CANDY EVERYTHING IN A GROCERY STORE!! HOUSEWARES PRODUCTS INCLUDE: & COOKING COOKWARE UTENSILS KITCHEN UTENSILS TOWELS AND OVEN MITS PLACEMATS AND TABLE CLOTHS PLATES, BOWLS, GLASSWARE, SILVERWARE ETC. PAPER OR PLASTIC PRODUCTS PAPER INCLUDE: TOWELS TOILET PAPER TISSUE NAPKINS PAPER PLATES PLASTIC SILVERWARE PLASTIC BAGS AND OTHER STORAGE DEVICES SARAN WRAP AND ALUMINUM FOIL PETS PRODUCTS DOG CAT INCLUDE: FOOD FOOD LITTER TREATS TOYS Products Laundry Items: Laundry Soap Fabric Softener Laundry Baskets Etc.... Products Family dollar will carry an inexpensive variety of cleaning products, sponges, mops, and brooms. Products Other Important Products People Might need to Quickly Buy: Socks Stocking Hats Mittens in the winter Umbrellas Windshield wiper Fluid Pencils/Pens Notebooks Folders Tape Scissors Products It seems as though there is a holiday to celebrate every month! Someone might need to buy a card or some festive holiday decorations. Family Dollar would be the place for this! A Family Dollar at University Square is what the people of the surrounding area NEED! ...
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