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Exam 2 Study Sheet - United Students Against Sweatshops...

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FIYS 147 Study Sheet for Exam 2, Thursday, November 2 This is not a complete list of everything you need to know, only a guide of the main topics covered. You are responsible for all readings, class discussions and debates. Items in bold indicate knowledge and understanding of graphs or formulas. Bonnello Issue 18: Is the No Child Left Behind Act Working? Provisions ofNCLB Support: Gains in test scores Opposition Pub lie vs. private education Adequate yearly progress Failing schools High national standards Positive impact on workers/economy Inequality in wage negotiations More mobility of firms Ability to live on wages paid Reliance on social programs Subsidizing costs of firms Higher MP of workers Sharp Chapter 6: Economics of Education Market failure for education Public vs. private education Subsidies Vouchers Bonello Issue 14: Sweat Shops Conditions and issues 3 perspectives: firms, workers, consumers Positives and negatives
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Unformatted text preview: United Students Against Sweatshops Organization Activities Effectiveness Sharp Chapter 7: Poverty and Discrimination Definitions and statistics on poverty Income distribution Economic causes of poverty Marginal revenue product Wage differences vs. discrimination Old welfare system vs. new welfare system Earned income tax credit Negative income tax proposal Bonello Issue 3: Discrimination in Us. Labor Markets Discrimination among men: wage gap Audit studies and discrimination in hiring Discrimination and competitive markets Self-fulfilling prophecy Non-competing groups Market vs. individual discrimination Bonello Issue 11: Minimum Wages (and debate) Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 Negative economic effects Unemployment Higher prices Labor substitution Capital substitution Racial discrimination in hiring Human capital development...
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