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Practice Exam - .57 Dane ID A Exam 2 80 MINUTES Multiple...

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Unformatted text preview: .57 Dane: % ID: A Exam 2 80 MINUTES Multiple Choice (2 points each) Identgs- the letter qfthe choice that beat corruption: the statement or answers the question. I. Msume z is the standard nomtal random variable. lfthe atea between zero and a is .4115, then the :. value is a. 2.70 e. 1.00 b. L35 :1 0.207? 2. Assume 2 is the standard normal random variable. lftltc area to the tight of z is .8413, then .7 is a. -1.0 c. 2.0 b. [.0 d. -2.0 3. Ausumc z is a standard nomal random variable, the Prom-2.54 < z < 2.54) aqunls a. 0.4945 0. 0.5400 it. 0.0U00 d. 0.9890 4. Assume a is It standard normal random variable. the Probfldz < z < 3.05] equals a. 0.4989 c. 0.0091 [3. 0.9887 (1. 0.7300 Problems 5. According to gwemmo‘nt data. 27% of American children Imdet the age of 6 live in households with incomes less than the official poverty level. A study of learning in early childhood chooses a simple random sample of 300 children. A. What is the probability that more than 20% of the sample are from pox-my households? [5 points) B. Was is the probability that more than 30% nfthe sample are fiom poverty households? (5 points} 6. I'm: quality conttol department emplq-s four technicians during the day shifi. mete are an avetme of l S shutdowns in a week. Listed below are the number of times tench technician {an average) instructs the production foreman to shutdown the manufacturing process in a given week. You can use this information to calculate the probability that any technician orders shutdowns. Technician Shutoms Taylor 4 Hurley 3 Don S . Sam 3 ' A. lfwe know there were l5 shutdowns last week. What is the probability that only 3 west: ordered by Don'! (6)7013!!!) B. in a week with 25 shutdowns= what is the probability that Hurley ordered 8 of the shutdown? (ti points) Name: ID: A 'J'. The sums of students on the SA'J' college entrance examination in at teemt year had the normal distribution with mean 18.6 and standard deviation 5.9. A. What is the prnhahiiity that a single student randomly chosen from all those taking the neat acorns no more than a 21'? (5 points} B. From a random sample of 50 students who took the test. what is the probability that the mean score ol'these students is less than 20? (-5 points} 8. The in duatry standards suggest that l U pcrccnt of new vehicles require warranty service within the first year. Jones Nissan in Sumter. South Carolina. sold 12 Nissans writ-«day. A. what is the probaln'lit}I that none of these vehicles requires warranty service? {Jpoinrs} B. What is the probability exactly one of these vehicles requires warranty service? (4 points} (1. Determine the probability that more than three of the vehicles require warranty service? (7 paints] i). What is the average number of vehicles that will require warranty service? (5 polars} E. Compute the standard deviation of this probability dim'ihution. {5 points) 9. Customers experiencing technical difficulty with their Internet eahle hookup may call an 800 number for technical support. lttrkes the technician between 30 seconds and 10 minutes to resolve the pmblem. The distribution of this Support time follows the uniform distribution. {Make sure you indicate the units for each of‘ your answers] A. What is the mean time to resolve the problem? [4 points) 13. What is the Standard deviation for problem resolution times? (4 mints) C. What percent of the problems take more than 5 minutes to resolve? {1 points) D. Suppose we wish to find the middle :10 percent of the problem-solving times. What are the end points of this rmge? (5 points) 10'. The Scrapper Elevation: Company has 20 sales representatives who sell their product thmtghmtl the United Sate: and Canada. The number of units sold by each representative is Iistctl below. Assume time sales figures to in the population values [and assume that this data is distributed normally}. 23233424322?34533335 A. Compuae the mean of this distribution. Groin”) B. The standard deviation for the above population is 1.47. Lfyou take samples of S representatives (randomly), what: will be your sampling distribution of the mean? [Write [his with the correct notationf] (.5 points) 0. What is the Whahilily that the mean of any 5 randomly selected sales figures will bl: less than 31’ {6:201:13} In! ...
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