Memo #5 - buying Ford cars anymore because they want cars...

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Memo #5 Ford’s operating activities are becoming less profitable. They are losing money real fast. They seem to have more expenses then they are making money. This company is making more cars then they are selling. Overtime this is not good because a longtime loss is very costful if they don’t take care of it. The biggest expense that I see that significantly decreased sales is the production of the car. As weird as that sounds because that is the way they make money after selling the produced car, but they are losing money with every type of car they make. This is because people aren’t
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Unformatted text preview: buying Ford cars anymore because they want cars unlike Fords. People want foreign cars with high gas mileage unlike Ford who is known to have a car that last a long time and are rigid and are made for long distance traveling not around the town traveling. Ford’s operating activities make me less excited about Ford. This is because having a loss in operating activities means that the company is going downhill. In return this means that the company is doing bad and I wouldn’t want to invest in them or make myself excited to learn about them....
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