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Valenza 1 Joe Valenza Professor Fadda-Conrey English 1011, Section 146 11 October 2007 “Making Peace With The Past” “Mementos, I” by W.D Snodgrass is an excellent poem that really describes the way a man feels after a depleted relationship with a long-time partner. This poem depicts, a man was cleaning out a drawer full of junk when he happened to come across a picture of his ex-wife. The man is in shock and the author uses several methods to describe the man’s feelings, especially through use of imagery. Imagery in this poem is portrayed through austere metaphors. These bleak metaphors the speaker uses illustrate the man’s genuine heartfelt feelings toward the memories he has of his wife. Despite the stark images that the speaker uses in reaction to the photo of his wife, it is evident throughout the poem that he will ultimately transcend this experience and be at peace with his wife. Memento is defined as “an object or item that serves to remind one of a person, past event, etc.” I think this title suite the poem as well for two reasons. The first is that the definition of memento says it reminds someone of a past event or one could say a previous place. The title ties our theme of place to this poem just through its definition. The second reason I believe the title fits the poem because it foretells what the poem might be about. After initially having captured your interest, one might start reading the poem and
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Analysis Essay - Valenza 1 Joe Valenza Professor...

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