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Memo #3 - of.77 This can be caused by a number of different...

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Memo #3 Ford’s financing activities seem to be lacking its full potential. The company’s debt financing includes debt to equity and debt to assets ratios of -49.65% and .61%, respectively. Ford’s equity financing includes dividend payout ratio and the current ratio, .04% and 1.02% respectively. Compared to last year’s financial activities, the company has decreased in almost all activities except the current ratio. Through this last year, the current ratio has increased a rate
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Unformatted text preview: of .77%. This can be caused by a number of different transactions. The company could’ve been more lenient toward repaying their liabilities, and worked more by bringing in more costs. Based on this information that we gathered from these activities, we concluded that investing in this company would not be a great idea. With ratios in the negatives and below 1%, it just wouldn’t seem knowledgeable to invest in this company....
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