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Memo #4 - world people don’t want those types of cars...

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Memo #4 I learned that the Ford Company was doing a lot worse than I thought. I learned that they are not only losing money every year, but they are losing a lot of money fast. Many different variables can cause this problem. For example, foreign cars are increasing greatly in America then those of American made cars. Another example is that maybe it’s the fact that the cars are not as up-to-date with technology then other car companies. And the last example, which I honestly believe is the fact they are losing a large sum of money is that the fact that gas is so expensive and Ford hasn’t been able to make cars that have high miles to the gallon like foreign cars today. Ford cars seem to be more of a rigid car that last a long time, but right now in today’s
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Unformatted text preview: world, people don’t want those types of cars, people want cars with high gas mileage. After analyzing Ford’s annual report, I reasoned to not favor them. I realized that they are losing a lot of money due to the fact that in today’s world, people want cars with high gas mileage not cars that are rigid and will last them a long time. I don’t like Ford because they haven’t seem to do anything about it this problem. Their increasing loss in money is getting worse and worse, so apparently there is something wrong in their company and I don’t want to lose my own money investing in a car that might give me major problems....
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