Mid-Term_Review - Editing 1(Technique or Strategy...

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Short Writing Assignment Citizen Kane Identify one or two ways in which Citizen Kane differs from Classical Hollywood Cinema narrative, and discuss what these aspects of the narrative contribute to this film. Due date: March 3.
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Mid-Term Review Identify two techniques or strategies of each the following elements in Citizen Kane and briefly note their significance. Mark down the scene as well. Mise-en-scene 1. (Usage, scene) ________________________________________________________ (Significance)__________________________________________________________ 2. (Usage, scene) ________________________________________________________ (Significance)__________________________________________________________ Cinematography 1. (Technique, scene) ________________________________________________________ (Significance)__________________________________________________________ 2. (Technique, scene) ________________________________________________________ (Significance)__________________________________________________________
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Unformatted text preview: Editing 1. (Technique or Strategy, scene)________________________________________________ (Significance)__________________________________________________________ Editing (con’t) 2. (Technique or Strategy, scene)_________________________________________________ (Significance)__________________________________________________________ Sound 1. (Technique or Quality, scene)_________________________________________________ (Significance)__________________________________________________________ 2. (Technique or Quality, scene)_________________________________________________ (Significance)__________________________________________________________ What terms or concepts would you would like reviewed in class? ___________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________...
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Mid-Term_Review - Editing 1(Technique or Strategy...

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