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Valenza 1 Joe Valenza Professor Fadda-Conrey English 1011, Section 146 11 November 2007 “Effects of the Internet on Adolescents” Do children really miss out on the world if they go on the internet? Or do they gain information, learn and become smarter? Brent Staples’ essay “What Adolescents Miss When We Let Them Grow Up in Cyberspace” and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s essay “Connected To The Future” both express their opinions toward the influence of the internet on children in today’s world. Brent Staples’ essay goes in depth to explain that children miss out on the world of today and key events of their adolescent lives when they spend too much time on the internet. On the other hand, the essay “Connected To The Future” states that adolescents have a greater advantage in school and life then those adolescents who do not use to the internet. Through reading both of these essays, I would assert that the essay “Connected To The Future” is more credible for two main reasons: one is that their opinions expressed in their essay is backed up by adequate research and two because their opinions are levelheaded and realistic. I chose Brent Staples’ essay because I found it interesting and relevant to today’s world. It never really occurred to me to actually think about the internet and its effect on the children these days. I knew that children are spending more and more time on the internet but I never thought about the effect on their lives. Brent states that research has shown that internet has provided isolation to younger socially connected people. Brent also claims that people are losing friends; families are spending more time on the internet than they spend with each other; and
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Valenza 2 people would rather choose a relationship with somebody on the internet rather than somebody in real life. This bold opinion of Brent appears not viable. I know from personal experience this isn’t
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Comparative Essay - Valenza 1 Joe Valenza Professor...

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