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Campbell vs. Acuf-Rose Music FACTS : 2 Live Crew is a rap group that asked music artist Roy Orbison if they could redo a different version of his song, Pretty Woman. The rap group wanted to do a hip hop version of the song, but Orbison refused. 2 Live Crew chose to record their version of the song anyway and released it on their next CD. Orbison’s and his publishing group sued the rap group for copyright infringement. 2 Live Crew tried to use the Fair Use policy as an excuse and the District court ruled in favor of 2 Live Crew. Following the decision, the Court of Appeals reversed District court. The Supreme Court declared certiorari.
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Unformatted text preview: ISSUE: Did 2 Live Crews rap version of Pretty Women qualify as a parody which is not in violation of the Fair Use Doctrine? HOLDING/REASONING: Fair Use is determined by four factors which are, 1. Purpose and Character of Use. Since the song is a parody, it fits under the fair use policy. 2. Nature of Copyrighted Work Not applicable in this case. 3. Amount of Original Copied: The parody didnt take an excessive amount of the lyrics. 4. Effect on Market of Original: Since the rap version applies to a different market, there is no interference taking away from the original version of the song....
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