Paul Revere's Ride - Paul Revere: A Self Made Man "The...

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Paul Revere: A Self Made Man “The British are coming!” While this quote is one of the most famous in American history, it is quite inaccurate. These were the words spoken by Paul Revere who also has a life story that is coincidentally inaccurate as well. The truths of both these stories come out in Paul Revere’s Ride, written by David Hackett Fischer. While uncovering these truths, various differences in the ideas and beliefs of the American and British people come to light giving a very vivid image of British American life from the beginning. Eventually it was differences of those very same ideas and beliefs that lead to conflict between the British and the Americans, setting the stage for Paul Revere to become an icon and adding another page to American history. From the very beginning of the book it is obvious the times are very different, beginning with the story of Revere’s father, Apollos Rivoire. In 1715 Rivoire was put on a ship by his uncle at the age of twelve and sent to America where they hoped he could make a name for himself. When Rivoire’s master died in 1722, “Rivoire bought his freedom from the estate for forty pounds, and set himself up as a goldsmith in Boston” (Fischer, 6). Having to buy your own freedom is certainly not something we have to do today, thanks in large part to the later actions of Paul Revere. Another of these large differences in beliefs came in the form of Christmas. While many of the French that had come over held a huge feast to celebrate Christmas, this completely shocked the Puritans as they did not believe in Christmas because “they believed that every day belonged to Christ” (Fischer, 8). Many of the ideas which still hold true today are those of liberty and freedom. These ideas were put into action with the organizing of “The Sons of Liberty,” a group
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that was formed to keep America free. The Sons of Liberty initially came together in 1765 to fight against the British Parliament who was attempting to collect taxes from all of their colonies. In 1765, Boston was going through some tough times and the economic situation could be described as a depression, so paying taxes was not an option for anyone. Despite Boston’s resistance to pay the taxes, the British sent out tax collectors
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Paul Revere's Ride - Paul Revere: A Self Made Man "The...

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