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FAD 2230FINALEXAMstudyguidespring08

FAD 2230FINALEXAMstudyguidespring08 - FAD 2230-Study Guide...

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FAD 2230-Study Guide for FINAL EXAM CHAPTER 11 Know Gottman’s Four Horseman + 1 (powerpoint notes, lecture, text) Criticism 5:1 Defensiveness Contempt Stonewalling +1 Belligerence With regard to criticism, how many positive comments or actions does it take to make up for a piece of criticism? (powerpoint, lecture) 5 positive comments to 1 negative Difference between report talk v rapport talk (text) Know forms of passive-aggressive behavior as stated in the text? (text) What is “Baggage”? (powerpoints, lecture) Unresolved current and past painful issues What are Hidden Issues? (powerpoint, lecture) Powerful issues that partners are unaware of, unable to talk about, or unwilling to talk about. When do most couples deal with their hidden issues? (powerpoint, lecture) Most couples only deal with their issues and hidden issues in the context of EVENTS What was the one variable that John Gottman found to be predictive of marital stability and happiness?(text) What are the three types of safety we want to foster in relationships through positive communication? (powerpoint notes, lecture) Commitment Safety: security of support and a clear future. Emotional Safety: being able to talk openly and to support one another. Personal Safety: freedom from fear of physical or emotional harm and intimidation. Know the difference between Incongruent vs Congruent messages (powerpoint, lecture) Congruent: Verbal and nonverbal agree Incongruent: Verbal and nonverbal disagree
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What are three obstacles to valid hearing? (powerpoint, lecture) Speaker not saying what s/he means Incongruent messages (verbal & visual disagree) “Baggage” Expectations (e.g., you’re expecting trouble) Silence: The silver screen upon which we project our worst fears or best wishes.
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FAD 2230FINALEXAMstudyguidespring08 - FAD 2230-Study Guide...

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