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oceanography test1

oceanography test1 - Balboa Eratosthenes Magellan Ptolemy...

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Balboa E. first European explorer to see the Pacific Ocean Eratosthenes I. first determination of Earth s circumference Magellan H. led voyage that first circumnavigated the globe Ptolemy J. mapped world with Roman knowledge showing latitude and longitude core B. composed of iron and nickel, liquid outer layer, and solid inner layer crust E. outermost portion of the Earth, basalt and granite galaxy D. Milky Way mantle F. rich in ferromagnesian minerals, between crust and core nebula C. gaseous and dusty space cloud Early Polynesians only traveled within sight of land. Selected Answer: False Significant oceanographic knowledge was acquired during the Middle Ages. Selected Answer: False Vikings led by Thor Heyerdahl established temporary colonies in North America. Selected Answer: False Christopher Columbus established trade routes from Europe around Africa to India. Selected Answer: False The Earth’s crust solidified around 4.5 billion years ago Selected Answer: True
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