2.3 - 2-3 Visualizing Data Objectives Students will be able...

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Objectives : Students will be able to: Construct a Histogram, Relative Frequency Histogram, Frequency Polygon, or Ogive given a frequency distribution. Construct a Dot Plot or Stem-and-Leaf Plot for a set of numerical data. Construct a Pareto Chart or Pie Chart for qualitative data. Histograms, Frequency Polygons, and Ogives A histogram is a bar graph in which the horizontal scale represents classes of data values and the vertical scale represents frequencies. The heights of the bars correspond to the frequency values, and the bars are drawn adjacent to each other (without gaps). Using STATDISK The STATDISK program can be used to construct a histogram from the raw data listed for cotinine levels of smokers. Let’s observe how this is done. Write some notes in your notebook so that you can use STATDISK later to construct the histogram. Using TI-83+ The TI-83 calculator can also be used to construct histograms, either from frequency distributions, or listing the raw data. However, in order to use the frequency distribution, we need a new column in our frequency distribution, midpoints of the classes. Let’s fill in the frequency distribution for the cotinine levels of smokers. Use the formula Lower Class Limit Upper Class Limit Class Midpoint 2 + = Class Limits Class Midpoints Frequency 0-99 11 100-199 12 200-299 14 300-399 1 400-499 2 Observe how to use the List Editor to input data into the calculator and how to plot the histogram. Introduction to Statistics
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2.3 - 2-3 Visualizing Data Objectives Students will be able...

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