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Sketching Normal Areas on the Calculator It is strongly suggested that when solving problems based on the normal distribution it is a good strategy to sketch the curve and shade the area corresponding to what is desired. TI calculators can be used to sketch normal curves and shade the desired area. Before using this procedure, turn off all stat plots. Turning off or clearing any functions in the menu is also a good idea. gets you to the STAT PLOTS window turns the plots off Set using the following guidelines. Given μ and σ Given 0 = and 1 = for a Standard Normal Curve Xmin = 3 Xmin = 0 – 3(1) = -3 Xmax = 3 + Xmax = 0 + 3(1) = 3 Xscl and Yscl = 0 Xscl and Yscl = 0 Ymin = .1/ Ymin = -.1/1 = -.1 Ymax = .4/ Ymax = .4/1 = .4 Intro to Statistics 1 Sketching Normal Distributions
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Example : Use the TI to sketch the area to fine the following: (1 . 2 3 Pz ) < Set the window for a Standard Normal Curve Enter the following to get ShadeNorm( Enter to get the following window Press to get You now have sketched the area and can conclude that . 2 3 ) < = .8907 to four
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SketchingNormalAreasonCalculator - Sketching Normal Areas...

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