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8. Spectrophotometry- A Measurement of the Equilibrium Constant for the Reaction Producing the Ferric Thiocyanate Complex 1. Purpose; The purpose of this experiment was to determine how the absorbance of light at 460nm depended on the concentration of FeSCN and then use that data to determine the concentrations of FeSCN which were then used to determine the equilibrium constant of the reaction Fe 3+ (aq) + SCN - (aq) -> FeSCN 2+ (aq). 2. Data: Original Molarity of Solutions Used in Lab Solution Molarity Fe 3+ 1.00 HNO 3 0.500 NaSCN 0.000501 Wavelength of Light Used to Test Absorbance 460 nm Trial 1-10 Data Information of Dilutions of Fe 3+ Done For Trials Dilution of Fe 3+ to .200 M Put 20.0mL into 100mL volumetric flask and filled to line with HNO 3 . Dilution of Fe 3+ to 0.0200 M Put 10.0mL of the 0.200 M Fe 3+ in the 100mL volumetric flask and filled to the line with HNO 3 . 3. Graphs and Tables of Results Trails to Determine Concentration Dependence Original Concentrations (M) Final Concentrations (M) Trial
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ChemLab_Spring2007_Lab8_Equilibrium - 8 Spectrophotometry A...

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