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ChemLab_Copper_Chem_Lab_3 - Copper Chemistry Lab Purpose...

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Copper Chemistry Lab Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to observe the properties of various copper compounds as through chemical means copper is transformed from Cu to Cu(NO 3 ) 2 to Cu(OH) 2 to CuO and then CuCl 2 to Cu and then to CuO. Finally, to at the end of the experiment, recover as much copper as possible and calculate the percent yield. Data: Mass of copper foil 0.5510g Molarity values of NaOH, HNO 3 , and HCl Used in experiment Solution Molarity (M) NaOH 3.047 HNO 3 7.85 HCl 6.05 Amount of HNO 3 added to Copper Foil and Observations Amount of HNO 3 added (mL) Observations 5.20mL The solution was a blue turquoise color. There were reddish brown fumes coming of the beaker. Fizzing occurred around the copper pieces when it came in contact with HNO 3. Amount of NaOH added to Solution of Cu(NO 3 ) 2, NO 2 , and H 2 O Amount of NaOH added (mL) Observations 1 10.00 Solution is now a non-translucent light milky blue. 2 6.40 Solution is now a darker blue. Solution is basic. Total 16.40 Observations at Various stages of Heating Solution of Cu(OH) 2 , and H 2 O Stage of Heating Observations Before Boiling Point Evaporation is occuring the fumes of which are white. Solution is becoming a dirty blue (like wash water). At/Near Boiling Point The solution is black, white flecks are visible in solution. While Cooling Black precipitate is falling to bottom of the beaker. Note: We had to dilute the solution to 200mL by adding 100mL more of water and then reheat because our precipitate was too fine, it had not clumped together.
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Copper Chemistry Lab Amount of HCl being used to Filter Precipitate Amount of HCl added (mL) 1 5.00mL 2 5.00mL 3 7.00mL Total amount of HCl used 17.00mL Observations of Filtrate
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