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II What I Know Multiple Choice. Select the letter of the best answer from among the given choices. 1. What year were Facebook online social networking services is being introduce to the internet world? A. 2000 B. 1995C. 2004 D. 2020 2. In the evolution of Electronic Age, what year is being started and introduce? 3. Before 1700s or during the Prehistoric age, what was there way of communication as they’re painting in the wall as they will represent dancing and hunting people? 4. In the aspect of media and government under the normative theories of the press, what theory that describe that all forms of communications are under the control of the governing elite. 5. What type of media is Philippine Daily Inquirer newspaper? A. Print media B. Broadcast media C. Film D. New media 6. GMA 24 Oras aired on channel 7? 7. A place in which literary, musical, artistic, or reference materials can be found that are kept for use. 8. Types of information, provide very current information about event, people, or places as the time they are published. 9. An electronic communications network that connect computer networks and organizational computer facilities around the world. A. Book B. Magazines C. Internet D. None of the above 10. Ways to consider in evaluating information EXCEPT.