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Use of the Apple computer software for M10 and M11 Below we give a short tutorial that describes the use of the Apple software for the rotational mechanics experiments (M10 and M11) A. Record values of rotational frequency f of the steel or aluminun disc as function of time t 1. Choose “C” from the menu 2. Enter the number of counts (e.g. 100), then press “Return” 3. Enter the delay time: (e.g. 25 s), then press “Return” 4. Press “Return” 5. Press the space bar to start the measurement B. Plot the data collected in part A on the computer screen 1. Keep pressing the space bar till you reach the end of the data list 2. Press “Return” 3. Enter “P”, then press “Return” 4. Press “Return” 5. Press “Return” At the end of section B the computer plots the data ( f versus t) on the screen
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Unformatted text preview: C. Print the graph of part B on the printer 1. Press “Return” 2. Enter “O” , then press “Return” 3. Enter “I” , then press “Return” 6. Enter “1” , then press “Return” At the end of section C you get a hard copy of the f versus t plot D. Print the data i.e. the (f,t) pairs collected in section A on the printer 1. Enter: “T” , then press “Return” 2. Enter: “1” , then press “Return” Note 1: If the computer crashes, disconnect the yellow and black wires from the rotational apparatus. Turn the computer off. Turn the computer on. Note 2: If the printer refuses to print turn the printer off. Wait for approximately 5 seconds and turn the printer back on....
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