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ME BD 240 Fluid Mechanics Fall 2006 Quiz 8 Name Instructions: Be as explicit as you can with your answer, partial credit will be given In 1929 the NACA (now NASA) published a report on the drag of spheres. They did the testing in a variable density wind tunnel as shown in the figure. Some of the data is plotted on the back. Y.A.0.A. Tachnlaal Pate xo.Jl2 I---"- ---'-""--~,~* ---- 1 a.) Based on the data plot, why would they want to use a variable density wind tunnel? b.) One of the spheres tested had a diameter of
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Unformatted text preview: D = 20 cm The following measurements were made; drag force D = 0.85 N , tunnel speed of U = 15 ml s , density of air p = 1.2 kg I m3, the viscosity of the air p=1.8x10-5~-slm2 , . ~ ' b ~ 1 .) Calculate the drag coefficient -b t. 0 .Bw __---- = 0, % 7 ,- -t 7 s 0,osl+mZ 2.) Calculate the Reynolds number for this test k0 3.) Based on these calculations, describe what the flow is likely to be like over the surface of the sphere....
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