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Sample Exam 2 on General Physics

Sample Exam 2 on General Physics - General Physics ph 213...

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General Physics – ph 213 Name:____________ Midterm Exam II (Ch 24 – 27) Type A November 14, 2005 Exam is closed book and closed notes. Use only your note card. Write all work and answers in the papers provided. Show all your work and explain your reasoning (No credit will be given for an answer that does not include the necessary solution or explanation, except for true/false or multiple choice questions) Partial credit may be awarded for a correct method of solution, even if the answer is wrong. Part I – True or False (2.5 points each): For questions 1 – 11, state whether each statement is true or false. 1. The change in electric potential energy, U b U a , is the work done on a charge by the electric force as it moves from point a to point b . 2. The potential due to a spherically symmetric charge distribution is the same as that of a point charge . 3. Equipotential surfaces are always flat and perpendicular to the electric field. 4. The units of , the permittivity of free space, may be expressed as F/m. 5. The fatter a given length of wire is the higher its resistance will be . 6. In an alternating current, the charge carriers switch between electrons and protons in a repeated fashion. 7. A 1200-W toaster draws more current than a 1000-W toaster. Part II – Multiple choice questions: For questions 8 – 16 select the only one choice that best answers or completes each statement.
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