Quiz9 - (1 accelerating from subsonic conditions(2 decelerating fiom supersonic conditions(c What are the conditions under which a flow of a gas is

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ME BD 240 Fluid Mechanics Fall 2006 Quiz 9 - Name 1 ~b~n- READ THE QUESTIONS CAREFULLY!' Give concise, direct answers. Partial credit will be given (a) What is the role of the equation of state in describing the influence of compressibility on the flow of gasses? - tk is rc rcCd r-mLp (b) Describe the effect changes in the ve approaches the speed of sound each of the following ways,
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Unformatted text preview: (1) accelerating from subsonic conditions (2) decelerating fiom supersonic conditions (c) What are the conditions under which a flow of a gas is considered to be isentropic? (d) A flow of hydrogen gas is measured to be at a speed of V = 900 m / s at a temperature of T = -10°C. Is this flow subsonic or supersonic? Prove this. 9 D o ~ s kAc_z/-. rxf~.k4/~ - c = & B Ma = V l c P = p R T...
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