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Study guide for sperm morphology lab 1. Which defects cause minor or major impacts on fertility? a. Head defects b. Acrosome defects c. Multiple tails/heads d. Heads separated from tails e. Cytoplasmic droplet f. Bent/coiled tails 2. What is the cause of these defects? 3. Which defect indicates a more mature cell, distal or proximal cytoplasmic droplet? Why? 4. From what you observe discussed in lab what do the following conditions cause
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Unformatted text preview: to sperm viability? a. Cold shock b. Mechanical damage c. Distilled water d. Tap water e. Alkali (NaOH) f. Alcohol g. Soap 5. How do the above conditions specifically alter sperm cell viability? 6. Sperm is divided in head and tail, and tail is divided in mid and principal piece. Where is the acrosome localized? 7....
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