Study Guide for Male Reproductive Anatomy

Study Guide for Male Reproductive Anatomy - Dear students...

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Dear students, Please read carefully the following topics as they contain important information. Please find the study guide at the end. Sincerely, Fernando and Sergio 1) Please take a few minutes to correct the slide on the PowerPoint presentation used in lab for the male reproductive anatomy which has the last picture of a penis, just before the “Testis – Seminiferous Tubules” slide. The title on the slide says Stallion Penis, but that actually is a cross section of a Bull’s penis (Fibroelastic). 2) Just in case not everybody understood this, we would like to reinforce that at the head of the epididymis a significant amount of water (liquid) is absorbed, which leads to a more concentrated sperm sample at the tail compared to the sperm at the head. 3) We would like to recommend students to double-check their grades on Compass. We try our best to make sure everything is correct but mistakes happen. Be sure to let us know if there are any discrepancies with your grades on Compass. 4) We had a question in one of the lab sections regarding the mare’s cervix and ovary to which we did not know the answer. I contacted Dr Brendemuehl who has a great deal of experience with horses and this is what he had to say: A) “The mare's cervix is a muscular organ, with minimal if any fibro-cartilage as is the case with ruminants and pigs. This probably was an adaptation from the fact that during coitus, the stallion's penis penetrates the cervix and ejaculation takes place directly into the uterus. Why this instead of the ruminant "spraying" of semen on the external cervical os as in ruminants. ...maybe differences in sperm concentration between species,
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bull, buck & ram concentrations in billions / ml while stallion is millions? Due to the site of semen deposition in the mare (Uterus) there is a significantly greater inflammatory
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Study Guide for Male Reproductive Anatomy - Dear students...

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