123 paper - In early 1675, Puritan Mary Rowlandson was...

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In early 1675, Puritan Mary Rowlandson was captured by Nipmuck Indians during King Philip’s War. She and her family were taken from their Lancaster home and Mary traveled with the Native Americans for eleven weeks before being sold to her husband (Drake). She wrote a narrative describing the incidents that went on to be a best seller at the time. In her writings, Mary Rowlandson not only had all faith in God to get her through her captivity, but believed it was his divine power that created King Philip’s War in the first place. Mary sustained herself by receiving a bible from an Indian, which she also took as a sign from God. She included many, many passages in her writing. She can’t understand why this is happening to her and her people, so she tries to justify it by speaking through the bible and interpreting its words. Mary is trying to make sense of it all and possibly pleading to God through her narrative to save them. At a few points in her story, she doubts God and wonders his plan. What held Mary’s strength was not only religion; but her trust in mankind. The Indians had told Mary that if she came with them, they would not hurt her. Instead of running or fighting back, she abided. The Indians’ actions were sporadic and sent mixed signals to the captives. Some said things like “none will hurt you” and offered her food, while those same people danced around hooping at the death of Puritans and threatened to “break her face”. Mary also referred to her master as “me best friend” (Rowlandson 9). She seemed to have been spared from horrifying experiences such as rape and torture
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123 paper - In early 1675, Puritan Mary Rowlandson was...

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