outline3 - Reading: Anil`s Ghost, through the end of...

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Reading: Anil‘s Ghost , through the end of —Ananda“ Reading: the rest of the novel. NOTE: possibly you are somewhat busy at the moment. Below you will find an outline of the novel, which includes sections marked —*“ which can be skipped by the overworked œ just read the outline. Outline for Michael Ondaatje, Anil‘s Ghost Introductory material Miner's folk song Anil with forensic team in Guatemala Sarath (9) Anil lands in Sri Lanka. A Buddhist cave temple desecrated. She examines victims of political violence; she has been sent by the Center for Human Rights in Geneva; as the international specialist, she is teamed with a local archeologist, Sarath ; in his lab -- which is on the ship -- she examines skeletons from an ancient sacred cave and finds a fragment of bone which is recent. (22) Anil visits Lalitha, an elderly Tamil woman she knew as a child. (27) Anil worries about Sarath‘s politics. *A government official is murdered on a train. *(33) Anil and her married boyfriend, Cullis What the National Atlas of Sri Lanka includes and leaves out (41) A list of the missing; the politics of violence. (44) Sarath and Anil drive towards Bandarawela, the place where the skeletons were found. On the drive, Sarath mentions two brothers, Palipana and Narada, his teachers; Narada, a monk, was murdered. (50) as they excavate deep in the caves, Anil finds a whole skeleton which is new: proof of a murder by the government; they name it Sailor. She can tell that it has been moved from somewhere else and reburied in this restricted area. (57) Sarath told Anil his wife was dead; the rest house owner mentions that she is alive, that Sarath has visited with her, and with a cousin in the government. Anil becomes ill, dreams, talks long distance to her friend Leaf (first reference to Cherry Valance); they return to Colombo and she continues to examine the skeleton. *(66)
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outline3 - Reading: Anil`s Ghost, through the end of...

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