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crju - Policing Changes Affect on Crime Rate Research...

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Policing Changes Affect on Crime Rate Research Question: Do changes in policing affect crime rate? This question has been asked a lot throughout the criminal justice system. It is a very important topic for the system to acknowledge because we are constantly looking for ways to stop or even reduce the crime rate. With this, Community Policing has been introduced and used widely throughout the United State. Community policing puts more officer on the streets to patrol areas and to hopefully reduce crime rate because of the presence of the police officers. I believe that this program does in fact have an impact on the crime rate. Crimes are going to happen whether there is 1 police officer on the streets or 100 police officers on the streets. However, the number of officers would have an affect on how much crime is being done. If there weren’t officers directly on the streets, crimes would happen that normally wouldn’t, had there been officers in the area. People will hold back from
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