heron - A White Heron "I didnt mean to frighten ya;...

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A White Heron “I didn’t mean to frighten ya; It’s been a long time since I seen the insides of these woods”, the stranger replied, with a voice so soothing it almost seemed familiar to her. The man’s appearance was comforting for Sylvia. His subtle, worn eyes were a deep blue, reminding her of her mother’s wistful, ocean-like eyes. Sylvia’s eyes then shifted to a scar on the stranger’s upper lip, drawing attention to a mouth that seemed to have been a host for many hardy belly-laughs. His light, wrinkly skin was covered with freckles, as Sylvia soon found herself conceiving shapes of the blotches as the conversation between the two ensued. “Are you from around here?” Sylvia inquired, somehow gaining some self confidence she previously lacked. “Used to be. My sister lives ‘round here, somewhere. Haven’t seen her for years though. I’ve been wandering these woods for a good hour now, thought I could remember the area, and as it turns out, I can’t!” As friendly as he looked, the stranger had a sort of mystique to him, causing Sylvia to question his intentions. The sunset had meanwhile descended; leaving Sylvia worried of her grandmother’s potential concern for her. “Wish I could help, but I’m due home.” She turned to find no sign of the old cow, apparently generating an expression of fear on her face that the stranger picked up on. “Don’t you worry, it probly headed on home without ya. I mean no harm. I could walk ya, seeing I needa find my way outta here anyway.” Sylvia had begun to grow weary, having a difficult time trying not to exhibit her
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heron - A White Heron "I didnt mean to frighten ya;...

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