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The tale gently explores themes of abandonment, loss, loneliness and love. Anna, the narrator of this story, misses her deceased mother and must cope with an unruly younger brother. Caleb is a chatterbox who also misses his mother, even though he never knew her. His constant questions make him a pest to Anna, and he realizes that his desire for attention sometimes makes him a problem for others. When Sarah comes, he is afraid that he might drive her away. Papa, Jacob Witting, is a lonely and hard-working man. Like his children, he misses his wife, but he realizes that eventually he must move on with his life. In her Newbery Medal acceptance speech, MacLachlan asserts that complex levels of meaning exist "behind each word or between words" and that the unspoken words often create the most powerful aspects of a book. Indeed, the title character of Sarah, Plain and Tall is a quiet woman. She shares her time, her interests, and her love, but she keeps her thoughts to herself. Throughout the novel Anna must guess at Sarah's real intentions.
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