sociology - Teen Social Issues Being a teenager growing up...

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Teen Social Issues Being a teenager growing up in our time is extremely tough. There are so many pitfalls and temptations. Drugs, drinking and sex among many other things are all contributing factors. Teenagers are smoking and ruining their health with little or no values. Teen suicide is a huge problem and drinking and driving in a deadly combination that happens way too often. These issues need to be further examined and kids need to be educated. The law needs to be harsher on certain issues such as drunk driving, in my opinion. I have seen people go to jail for driving under the influence for much less time than they deserve and it sickens me. I have also seen the pain that families feel when they lose their children to such a horrible tragedy as suicide. It can be prevented, as most teenagers who do not succeed in killing themselves “grow out” of the pain. Every day in America, 6 teenagers commit suicide. It is the fasting growing killer of American teenagers and the numbers are alarming. Teen suicide is a horrible tragedy that should be prevented. No teenager should feel so strongly that they would take their own life. It is the 8 th leading cause of death in the country and 3 rd for people between 15- 24 (Waters and Ingresia). Statistics show that more than 13 of every 100,000 teenagers sadly committed suicide in the year 1998 and the number has risen every year since. Suicide kills about 4/5x more than homicide as well. This must be stopped… but how? I think we should invest in more programs to help teenagers understand they are not alone and many people feel the way they do. Bullying is much different these days than in the past. Being bullied is viewed as beating someone up or calling them a “freak” or making fun of a teen’s glasses, braces, or maybe some extra baby fat. Bullying today is much,
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much more intense with more dire consequences. There is cyber bullying where children can make websites or chat rooms humiliating another child. 42% of kids have been
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sociology - Teen Social Issues Being a teenager growing up...

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