Psych - Assignment # 4 The cerebal cortex covers the...

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Assignment # 4 The cerebal cortex covers the surface of the forebrain and is made up of a thin layer of cells. Most neurons are located here. This cortex is divided into four lobes. The first lobe of the brain is the frontal . This controls your personality, emotions, motor skills, behaving normal in social situations, maintaining a healthy personality, making decisions, and executing plans. It acts similar to a CEO of a company, handling the executive functions of the brain, being the biggest lobe. It is located in front of the brain with a very large area of cortex. A motor cortex is a narrow strip of cortex on the back on the frontal lobe and extends down the side. The motor cortex on the left hemisphere controls the right side of body, while the right hemisphere controls the left. Each body part was thought to have its own part of the cortex, ranging from largest body part having the biggest part to the smallest having a very small part of cortex, and was controlled by that section. Recent studies show some overlap in the brain and each section might not be as separated as once thought. This actually makes up only a small from of the frontal lobe. Also, studies done by Fiez & Petersen in 1993 showed the frontal lobe is involved in our thinking process as well. Directly below the frontal lobe is the parietal lobe , which is responsible for your body’s perception and sensory experiences, feeling temperature and pain, locating positions of limbs and other cognitive functions. When you burn yourself, this is the area that tells you you’re in pain. Information from your body parts are then processed by the somatosensory cortex . This is also a narrow strip of cortex that is located on the front of the parietal lobe. Similar to the frontal lobe, the right side receives information from the left side and vice versa. Your parietal lobe also helps you distinguish shapes, like feeling
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Psych - Assignment # 4 The cerebal cortex covers the...

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