Psych - room 6 Measure I instructed both groups to see if both cups milks had the same fresh smell Group 1 decided they would not drink the cup

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1) [ Ask ] hypothesis – Milk will go bad if it is left out. 2) [ Identify ] independent variable (A) = Leaving 1 cup of a milk out for a day, and 3 refrigerated. dependant variable (B) = Smelling the milk and deciding if it spoiled. 3) [ Choose ] Randomly chose my mom, dad, aunt and grandfather from all my family members to help me with the dependant variable. 4) [ Assign ] My experimental group (group 1) will be my mom and grandfather and they will have one cup left out milk, one cup refrigerated. My control group (group 2) will be my dad and aunt, and they will have 2 cups of refrigerated milk. This second milk acts as a placebo because neither was left out. 5) [ Manipulate ] This is not a double-blind procedure because I know I will be giving my dad and aunt (group 2) the controlled variable. I manipulated the experiment by taking the identical looking cups of milk out of the fridge and putting two on one table, and one with the spoiled cup on another table in the next
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Unformatted text preview: room. 6) [ Measure ] I instructed both groups to see if both cups milks had the same fresh smell. Group 1 decided they would not drink the cup left out for a day. Group 2 had two cups that were refrigerated, and they decided both cups were fine to drink. 7) [ Analyze ] I do believe that there were no chance occurrences or errors in the results because it was a very controlled environment. Three milks from the same bottle were put into the fridge and not moved for the same amount of time. My experiment, however simple, successfully proved that milk will go bad if left out. Group 1 picked out the milk that was left out and said they would not drink that because it smelled very sour, and the other milk smelled fine. Group 2 confirmed they would drink both of the milks and that they smelled very fresh. The cause was leaving milk out on the table and the effect was that the milk spoiled....
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