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psych - Looking back about 50 years it was very rare for a...

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Looking back about 50 years, it was very rare for a family to own a television set. If a family was so fortunate to have one, it was nowhere near as essential as it is to children in today’s day. Children of all ages have grown to incorporate television into their everyday life, this being very hazardous whether the parents acknowledge it or not. Some parents use their TV as a babysitter, and sit their children in front of their favorite TV show to distract them. I find this very irresponsible on the parent’s part. They are doing nothing but teaching their children its okay to sit in front of the television and “veg” out, and maybe incidentally ruining their imagination. Why would a child choose to read words on a page of a book and use their brain when they could sit on the couch and watch Dora go on her own adventure with her magical backpack? It’s ridiculous. If a child has access to the remote, the parents are inadvertently exposing their children to a world of violence and reality outside of their comfort zone with the click of a button. A
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