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Çıtak 1 Erkan ÇITAK Burak YİĞİT IDE 460 Postmodern Literature 28 April 2021 A Blurb for Naked Lunch Naked Lunchis an unforgettable feast where everyone can see what is on the forks. William S. Burroughs was the most dangerous of the Beat generation visual artist, spoken word performer and chaos magician writers. He was the double agent of anarchy, and he was the unstoppable enemy of not only conformism but also governments and opium as well. This is not a normal novel like you read before It was not intended to be a dystopian novel it shares a similarity with George Orwell’s famous novel 1984. If you have an idea it is going to be a novel with a linear plot line, you will frustrate with it. This is a set of fears and horrors built on a pattern of fantasize, paranoiacs shared with ruthless reality and pointless sex. Burroughs
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Unformatted text preview:presents us the lives of characters who try to demolish the walls of the lives which become their prison. Even though these characters see true face of the system, they could not escape from it since the addiction made them too exhaust to move. Dr. Benway who specialized in manipulating and tricking people uses this knowledge of psychology and basic human instincts for violent experiments to find new ways on how to control an individual. While we are getting lost in the world of addictions, from time to time we can sadly comprehend their paranoiac conditions could become even more realistic than the lies that are hidden which assert the individual will of freedom against political powers. Works Cited Çıtak 2 Burroughs, William Seward, et al. Naked Lunch: the Restored Text . Penguin Classics, 2016.