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Öztürk 1 Erkan Çıtak Berkan Ulu History of English Culture The Rolling Stones The Rolling Stones, known as a "The Stones", was established in 1962, in England. The origins of the band name inspired by the blues artist Muddy Water's song, named 'Rollin' Stone'. 'The Rolling Stones' is the longest performing British rock band of all time. The group consists of six members who are Mick Jagger - lead vocals, harmonica, Keith Richards - guitar, backing vocals, Charlie Watts – drums, Brian Jones - guitar, harmonica, sitar, backing vocals, Ian Stewart – piano, Bill Wyman - bass guitar, backing vocals. They had a huge impact on society and the song 'Brown Sugar' refers to contents that are against society's moral structure. First of all, The Rolling Stones which was influenced by the American rhythm and blues artists had an image that triggers youth and creates awareness about the ideas of that era. They were rough and rebellious, significantly different from the peace and love concepts that
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