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Çıtak 1 Erkan ÇITAK Mustafa ŞAHİNER İDE 356 British Drama II 28 June 2020 Absurdity in Samuel Beckett’s "Waiting for Godot" The theater of absurd is a style of narrating plays characterized as being non conventional and absurdist fiction. It's written by a number of good playwrightsin the middle of 20th century. The theater of absurd is very much connected to existentialism. They believe that life is meaningless. Life for them has no values. The moves of the absurd hero are meaningless and illogical. In his play ‘Waiting for Godot through the repetitive pattern of the play, Beckett probably desires to drive home the point to the audience (now, readers) that the absurdity in guy’s existence makes him incapable of performing something new. We can see how this play is an example of this movement by way of the manner wherein the characters are bizarre misfits who engage in complex and abstruse talk that appears to be complete ofnonsenseand
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