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assign2 - PSTAT 120C Assignment 2 These problems are due at...

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PSTAT 120C: Assignment # 2 Due April 20, 2006 These problems are due at the beginning of the lecture next Thursday. 1. In each of the following scenarios, which measurement is the independent variable and which is the dependent variable (a) An economist wants to model the economic factors that affect short-term interest rates so he collects 36 months of data from the national employment survey in order to see whether the unemployment rate is important in determining the interest rate. (b) The agriculture department compares the total snowfall for each year with the yield per acre of wheat farms in 6 counties in Colorado. (c) The Department of Transportation hopes to be able to predict the fuel mileage that a truck will be able to achieve from the net weight of vehicles with diesel engines. (d) The power company is interested in finding out what the relationship is between the height of the ventilation towers at power plants and the density of fine particles in their emissions. (e) The United Way wants to analyze the amount of money given to charity by its donors
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