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1 Lecture 13 Lecture 13 Read: BBOM 11e Sec. 5.16, 6.1, 6.3, 17.28 Central Metabolites Biosynthesis of C and N Compounds Nitrogen metabolism Nitrogen metabolism Peptidoglycan Synthesis Peptidoglycan Synthesis Start Bacterial growth Start Bacterial growth Central Metabolites Central Metabolites There are 12 (or 13) central metabolites (intermediate compounds) from which the monomers of macromolecules are synthesized. fructose-6-PO4 ribose-5-PO4 erythrose-4-PO4 Polysaccharides glycogen, starch Deoxyribose & ribose for nucleic acids, Vitamins and cofactors Amino acids for proteins Glycerol for lipids Fatty acids for lipids Heme proteins From E.coli to elephants— Biosynthetic pathways are very similar!!! NAG, NAM for peptidoglycan LPS Sedoheptulose-7 PO 4
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