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Animal Research - Animal Research Animal research is...

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Animal Research Animal research is something that is widely controversial, but try to imagine a world without it. Almost every medical advance in our modern time has been a result of animal testing. Chemotherapy, organ transplants, joint replacements, and penicillin are just a few of the medical wonders that have been developed due to animal research. Scientists do not do this because they enjoy seeing animals being hurt, but because other testing techniques are not advanced enough. Supporters justify animal research because it allows us to discover ways to help people and other animals. Heartworm medication was created from animal research and it has been beneficial to many dogs. Cat nutrition has been tested and is now comprehended better so that cats can live longer, healthier lives. One of the largest counter arguments supporters of animal research have against those who are opposed to it is that as a culture we value human life more than animal life. If animal testing were to be outlawed, which activists strive for, would leave us incapable of
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Animal Research - Animal Research Animal research is...

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