psych - choose to be friends with those in their...

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Mann 1 Psych 113 Professor Singh October 2, 2007 Psychology Essay 1 In entering college all freshman face the same issue: leaving their friends from home. It is something that happens to everyone, though some people end up going to the same college with people they know or some of their good friends, the circumstance of meeting new people still comes into play. A way that students would choose their friends would be based on how often they’re around each other, and from that whether their personalities mesh. People look to find those that remind them of their friends at home but where do you find them? Two specific ways that a student would choose to befriend someone is by spending time with each other and personality. Many people will become friends with their roommate because they are around each other so often. Similarly they will also
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Unformatted text preview: choose to be friends with those in their hallwayPeople that are outgoing are more likely to make friends with other outgoing people and those that are studious would be more inclined to hang out with each other. This could be testable by looking into learning communities and seeing how many kids are in the same class together and which of them are friends. In a causal study, I would test the kids in a learning community and see if they have more friends within their classes or out of their classes. The independent variable would be the learning community and the dependent variable would be friendship. In a correlational study I would measure the people someone is friends with based on where Mann 1 they live versus who they have classes with....
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psych - choose to be friends with those in their...

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