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joker in athens - their own executions from happening but...

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September 30, 2007 Intro to Philosophy 103 Shara Benedetti Socrates was one of the most influential classic philosophers and I find the most intriguing element about him to be the fact that he left no written work yet he is “… possibly the most enigmatic figure in the entire history of philosophy” ( Sophie’s World p.65). In Sophie’s World Socrates is compared to Jesus because of the fact that he left no written work yet his students/disciples carried on his teachings. Although they were two very different people they were indeed very similar and that comparison caught my attention. The only way we know about the life of Socrates is through other peoples’ accounts of him, same as Jesus. We cannot be positive if the images they depict for us are accurate or not but it is all we have to draw from. They could have both easily prevented
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Unformatted text preview: their own executions from happening but they stood firm in what they believed in, and by doing so brought the attention of their followers and continued their beliefs. The way Jesus and Socrates taught their students/pupils their beliefs were similar as well. They did not preach but practiced their ways by making others think and have others witness. In Sophies World Alberto Knox describes Socrates as A Joker in Athens( Sophies World p.68) because in a deck of cards there are reds, blacks, hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs, but a joker does not fall under any of these categories. Socrates was like that. He was unlike anyone else, and this made him the amazing philosopher that he was....
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