(2008, 03-21) Annotated Bibliography

(2008, 03-21) Annotated Bibliography - Tanvir Ahmed March...

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Tanvir Ahmed March 21, 2008 Annotated Bibliography English 110 – Grubb Carey, Bridget. “The evolution of a résumé: Video, Web profiles are new territory.” Miami Herald . 12 Mar. 2008. 18 Mar. 2008. <http://www.miamiherald.com/business/AP/story/453810.html>. This source uses notable websites, such as Facebook, Myspace and Youtube, and describes the risk job seekers have if they have information on these social networks. She uses statistical data and quotes from employers to spearhead a point that the internet is a dangerous risk for employees if they have any photos or information of lewd behavior or lack of character. She uses data such as “A November 2007 survey by career media company Vault reports that 44 percent of employers are logging on to sites like MySpace and Facebook to examine the profiles of job candidates, and 39 percent have looked up the profile of a current employee.” Basically, she speaks on the chances of discrimination and low expectations an employer would have when viewing one’s application. This is a great source for a research paper on surveillance because it allows the reader to get a sense of a personal fear in the issue, especially young people. Mostly all people have or are currently job hunting in a competitive work field. Compared with other sources on surveillance, this is an issue where an applicant rather than an employee, who chooses to place information online, may lose many opportunities for those choices that were made. The source will help me bring to question the dangers of freedom of expression. Overall, this source
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(2008, 03-21) Annotated Bibliography - Tanvir Ahmed March...

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