(2008, 03-27) American Politics Essay 2

(2008, 03-27) American Politics Essay 2 - Ahmed 1 Tanvir...

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Ahmed 1 Tanvir Ahmed March 27, 2008 POLS 173 - Dube Connecticut’s First District Regarding the district profile, all statistical data comes from the United States Census “Fast Facts” website, which lists the 2006 American Community Survey (ACS) results. The ACS produces estimates of statistical data which helps produce official census bureau reports. Connecticut First District has a total population of 696,667, made up of 333,174 males and 363,493 females. The average age of people is thirty-nine, with 40,418 people under the age of five, 538,780 aged eighteen or older, and 97,588 people that are 65 or older. The racial identities consists of 683,159 people of one race, with Caucasian, African-American, Asian and Hispanic making up the majority, with 508,097, 96,073, 24,838 and 88,580 people respectively; 13,508 people are of two or more races. The enrollment in education for people in Connecticut decreases as the citizens get older, with 98.4% (10 to 14 years old), 97.4% (15 to 17 years), 80.2% (18 to 19 years), 45.4% (20 to 24 years), and 12.8% (25 to 34). The total number of household in the district is 272,451, with the median income being $57,757 and average income being $73,447 (U.S. Census Bureau). Connecticut’s First District consists of several cities and counties including Manchester, Hartford, Windsor, Bristol, Portland, and Southington, most of which are rural areas with the exception of Hartford (U.S. House of Representatives). As of July 5 th 2005, health care and social assistance, manufacturing, and retail trade are the biggest employers of the district with 229,548, 214,910, and 191,807 respectively (U.S. Census Bureau: Economic Census).
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Ahmed 2 According to Encarta, Connecticut has about ninety-one state parks and historical landmarks, such as Hammonasset Beach, Fort Griswold Battlefield State Park and Dinosaur Hill State Park
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(2008, 03-27) American Politics Essay 2 - Ahmed 1 Tanvir...

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