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Acts of the Apostles Overview

Acts of the Apostles Overview - ACTS OF THE...

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ACTS OF THE APOSTLES--OVERVIEW OF KEY EVENTS, PEOPLE, DATES CHAPTERS 1 Jesus spent 40 days on earth after Resurrection; then Jesus’ ascended to his Father in heaven; his followers were to await the “promise of the Father”: baptized with the Holy Spirit ; waiting community includes Mary & Peter ; appointment of Matthias to replace Judas. 2 Pentecost is 50 days after Easter; coming of Holy Spirit; charism of tongues ; Peter’s speech: crucifixion, resurrection; how to be saved , receive Holy Spirit at baptism ; communal life. 3 Another speech by Peter. Jesus is put to death and raised; Jews’ ignorance. (And read Rom 11: 25-29 chosen, Mt 27:25 blood, Lk 23:34 forgive them, Dt 7: 6-9 chosen, all families blessed promised to Abraham in Gn. 12:3.) 4 Jesus is raised…no salvation through anyone else; property in common . 5 Ananias and Sapphira; jail. 6-7 Deacons (hierarchical structure); large group of Jewish priests convert; deacon Stephen is first Christian martyr; Saul at the martyrdom.
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