Music is found in a large array of forms and genres

Music is found in a large array of forms and genres - Music...

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Music is found in a large array of forms and genres; in different settings, for different occasions, and for completely opposite cultural backgrounds with each its very own purpose and message. I feel it is imperative that every single individual have a small taste of each of these different varieties of music, in order to enjoy music far beyond it being just a casual leisurely activity. I want such an experience for myself; therefore, I chose to go to a musical performance that I have never before experienced- a Hindustani dance performance. A close friend of mine is part of a dance group based at her local mandir (temple) that occasionally have small performances, usually religiously based, more so during a religious holiday. This performance was for the Hindi holiday- Diwali or Deepavali, celebrated this year on November 8th. This dance performance took place in a Hindu temple, also known as a mandir, and lasted for about an hour followed by some religious discussions associated with the holiday of Diwali. This performance can be easily classified as a community event and religious service, because it was attended by usual temple members as well as other members of the surrounding community celebrating Diwali. Not only was it a sole dance performance but the pundit (Hindustani scholar usually head of that mandir, and main speaker) also gave his religious discourse following the performance. The dance performance was mainly comprised of all female dancers, instrumentally accompanied by 2 male tabla players. A more detailed account of the performance would be that it was performed inside the Shri Radha Krishna Mandir on Saturday, November 10 th at 5:00 pm. This event was organized by the male temple heads, as well as the instructor of the dance group. If u were to look into the
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Music is found in a large array of forms and genres - Music...

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