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Fertilizer POGIL - Chemistry 130 Begin to Plan Your...

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Chemistry 130 Begin to Plan Your Solution 1. Restate the problem in your own words. Your statement should clearly identify what you need to find in order to solve the problem and provide an answer to the question. Determine the amount of ammonium nitrate, calcium dihydrogen, and potassium sulfate of a set of NPK values contained in 1kg of such fertilizer. 2. Identify the relevant information provided and any additional information that is needed. - Nutrients present in the fertilizer are actually weight percentages of N, P 2 O 5 , and K 2 O. - Nitrogen is added as ammonium nitrate. - Phosphorous is added as calcium dihydrogen phosphate. - Potassium is found in fertilizer as potassium sulfate. - Varying amounts of ammonium nitrate, calcium dihydrogen phosphate and potassium sulfate may be used for different purposes. Example—Fertilizer with high nitrogen content is used to promote top growth in plants. 3. Identify the concepts and relevant equations that are related to the problem. - Convert from kilogram to grams. 1 kilogram = 1,000 grams - Calculate mass of a mixture using mass percent. 1- Convert percentages to mass (grams). Example—75.5%. ..becomes…75.5 grams 2- Convert from grams to moles. Example—Nitrogen- 14.01 grams/mole
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Fertilizer POGIL - Chemistry 130 Begin to Plan Your...

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