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Inspired Books - WHICH BOOKS ARE INSPIRED BY GOD? Seven...

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W H I C H B O O K S A R E I N S P I R E D B Y G O D ? Seven books in the Old Testament of Catholic Christian and in some Eastern Orthodox Christian Bibles are sometimes omitted from Protestant Christian Bibles or are found in them in a separate section headed “Apocrypha.” This word means “doubtful” or “hidden.” Beginning with the Protestant Reformation and Martin Luther in the 1500’s AD and continuing today, Protestants do not recognize these books as “inspired by God” like the other OT books. Hence, they are not used as bases for teachings about faith and morals. By comparison, taking into account earlier use by Christians and Jews, a general consensus developed in the Catholic (universal) Church at least by the beginning years of the 400’s AD that these seven were authoritative and inspired. This was confirmed infallibly (without error) by the Catholic Ecumenical (worldwide) Council of Trent in the 1500’s AD , in response to the Protestant Reformers. Trent’s list is still believed to be accurate by Catholics today. In the 1500’s, Protestant Reformers wanted to include in the OT only those books used by the early Christians or Jesus. Luther thought that the contents of the list used in the 16 th century AD by Jews were the same as the contents of the list used by Jews in Jesus’ time, and by early Christians and Jews after Jesus’ time. With regard to both Testaments, Martin Luther rejected the authority of the Catholic Church to decide which books were inspired by God and thus belonged in the Bible. Rather he thought such books could be identified by their inherent quality. As for NT books, he thought another criteria was the extent to which they proclaimed Jesus. The Catholic and some Orthodox canons (approved lists of books) for the Old Testament were based on the Septuagint (means 70, see LXX in crossferences in NAB) list. This list contained books translated from Hebrew into Greek in Alexandria by Jewish scholars and completed around 200 or 100 BC . The list came to contain the 7 books below , which were originally written in whole or in part in Greek, Aramaic, or Hebrew. The list was used by many Jews in Jesus’ day and after
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Inspired Books - WHICH BOOKS ARE INSPIRED BY GOD? Seven...

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