Heresies & Non-Christian Viewpoints

Heresies & Non-Christian Viewpoints - 1 Peter 3:15...

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1 Peter 3:15 “…always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope, but do it with gentleness and reverence…” HERESIES (false teachings some “Christians” have held)* AND NON-CHRISTIAN VIEWPOINTS About God Manichaeanism. . Proposed by Mani (216-277 A.D.) Teaches an absolute dualism regarding God. There are two equal, eternal principles : one of good, light, spirit; the other of darkness, matter, evil. It also taught rejecting anything that would link a person to matter. One should practice extreme asceticism, refrain from menial work (since it disturbs the fragments of light present in all visible things), and practice absolute sexual continence. Members of the group made a distinction between the “elect” who could follow these rules and the “hearers.” The “hearers” serve the “elect” and hope in a future life to be born in the body of an “elect” and thus attain salvation. “God” is a Force, Energy . Star Wars. The Force has a light and dark side that I must balance in my life. God is an Impersonal Power . E.g., philosophical view that God is Prime Mover. Uncaused Cause. Buddha. Refuses to answer questions of whether there is a God and what God is like. Recommends meditation to achieve enlightenment and freedom from suffering. However, some of his later followers worship Buddha and pray to him as a savior (Pure Land Buddhism). Deism.* A philosophy popular during the Enlightenment Age, beginning in the 18 th century. God created the world and humans. God determined the laws according to which they work. God has nothing further to do with the world and humans. There is no need for miracles or revelation, including revelation regarding religious obligations, because such a need would suggest that God failed in creation. Marcionism.* Distinguishes the God of the Old Testament from the Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The Christian God is a God of Love. The Old Testament (which Marcion rejected) God is a God of the Law and cruelty. Since matter is evil, Jesus was not born into the world, but he descended from heaven in an unreal form. His death was not to redeem all but only a few. Marcion (d.c. 160), who established his own church, was excommunicated. Polytheism . There are many gods. Pantheism. Everything is “god.” The divine constitutes the very substance of all things. The divine is more or less impersonal. Another meaning: worship or tolerance of all gods indifferently. Heresies & Non-Christian Viewspoints 1
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Monism. All is one. Under the apparent diversity of things, there is really just one being or one totality. Humans and things are not really distinct from this more or less personal or impersonal entity. About the Trinity
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Heresies & Non-Christian Viewpoints - 1 Peter 3:15...

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